GYM 8-2-16 032I will start teaching a fundamentals of jiu jitsu for self defense beginning Monday, August 8. This class is intended for novice grapplers, ages 14 and up, men, women, people who are out of shape, and people who want to learn practical self defense. Children younger than 14 may attend with a parent. Will meet at 630 pm on Mondays and 730 pm Wednesdays. This will be a structured class of roughly 25 lessons. Each one builds on the previous lessons, so attendance at least weekly would be needed to progress. One of the more intimidating parts of jiu jitsu, live sparring, will not be part of this class. Instead, we will perform simulated fight drills designed to incorporate techniques into our movement. You would be welcome to repeat the class as many times as you want to maintain skills or move into an intermediate class at the gym after completing the basic class. The cost for the initial class of 25 lessons will be $40 per month for the first 25 weeks. I look forward to sharing my enjoyment of this martial art with some of you! Please contact me if you would like more information.